3rd October I went to London to rave at the WE ARE WHSE opening rave presented by Toolroom.


Two things that attracted me to attend this were:

  1. Hosted by WE ARE FSTVL, absolutely killed it end of May.
  2. Great Suffolk Street Warehouse – I hadn’t raved there before and needed to.

Great Suffolk Street Warehouse, apart from Tobacco Dock, no where better in London to rave in my opinion. It reminded me of the industrial scene of the northern / midlands raves (no bullshit, no fancy decorations, just a load of ravers, a stage and sound system in a car park. It definitely had that Birmingham / Manchester sort of vibe to it.


Of course, I went in my full rave gear, as I knew there was going some serious raving needed.

I did end up raving outside the main tunnel the majority of time as there was more space to move around and you didn’t get too over heated.

WE ARE WHSE have done a great job of sorting out a few months of weekly raves at Great Suffolk Street Warehouse, I will be back for WE ARE HLLWN after the DRUMCODE all day rave at Tobacco Dock. Also thanks to Toolroom Records for smashing first impressions for raving in that venue for me. Couldn’t have done it better.

There was a good crowd, not any moody people around and a few oldskool ravers dotted around which was a good sign. The other two members of my London rave crew showed up after a few hours so we were able to assemble and rave as one.

Only downside was the price of things and a token system! A token system may ensure money is made for the seller even if they aren’t actually spent, but for the consumer, it’s inconvenient and annoying. Although only one downside is good going! Well done WE ARE WHSE, i’m impressed 🙂

For all upcoming WE ARE WHSE raves: http://www.wearewhse.co.uk/tickets/. I personally recommend raving at a WE ARE WHSE rave. Go get some tickets!

NEXT WEEKEND: Get Satisfied Secret Warehouse Rave (all day) @ Secret Location, Bournemouth


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