Saturday 28th May 2016… The day had finally come and after waiting a year, it was no surprise that I got hardly any sleep the night before as it was a struggle to contain all the excitement. It was like waiting for Christmas as kid.

I spent the good part of a few hours waiting around before we were let in. Not that I wanted to wait around but because I had mistaken how long to leave before and didn’t take into account the typical festival delays with entrance times.

Anyway, so I got in in the end, and the festival very quickly got going!


I did take the zebra mask with me as it has not been used for a while and I thought when better to re introduce that a big festival… Although a few hours in I found a shop selling red Indian head dresses and well, yes I had to buy one. It was definitely put to good use!

I stayed until about 9pm on Saturday. I thought I could either go full on Saturday but be drained on Sunday and not enjoy it so much, or leave a little earlier Saturday and properly refresh so that on Sunday I had maximum energy again. I’d rather give up a few hours than waste a load more the next day feeling drained of energy!

Had to make back the calories I burned of course!


So after a rest and some food I was back on Sunday for DAY 2 of WE ARE FSTVL to do it all again!

As well as house and techno, I am also a fan of drum and bass. So it was great to see Hospitality had a stage, so I definitely spent a good amount of time in there!

Also had a great time raving in the Adobe / DO NOT SLEEP stage and Abode got some footage too:

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Check the Indian shuffling at the front 🙌🙌

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Over Saturday and Sunday I managed to do 59.7 rave miles and burn 5811 calories just from loving life and raving!

Massive big up to WE ARE FSTVL for putting on such a great festival, and all the promoters, DJs and ravers involved. What a weekend this was! Until next year!


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