On Saturday 7th November I made my way up to Birmingham for the VOID rave.


As soon as I found my way to the rave I knew I was in for some serious raving. It was hosted in an abandoned Monastery in the heart of Digbeth. The best thing about the venue is that it is purely minimal (no fancy sofas, no special VIP areas etc).

Downstairs an old taxi car has been used as the DJ booth and this really vibed things up for me. I spend the majority of the night raving downstairs as it was less crowded and the cold temperature kept me cool so I could rave comfortably. Plus the DJ’s playing on the car were going 100%!


When the car stage was stopped at 3am, I made my way upstairs to where the VOID sound system was being used. The sound was just perfect, loud and lots of bass with absolutely no distortion. The force of the kick drums coming out of the VOID sound system really made your body pump. there was no stopping in this rave.

Of course, as it was VOID, I went in my full rave gear (excuse the low lighting):

This was the 2nd rave that VOID has done and i’m really impressed with it. Everything about it is just pure rave, it really shows off the underground raving in Digbeth. I will definitely be back for another VOID rave in the future and I recommend this to all ravers. The Digbeth rave scene is in a league of it’s own, there is nothing quite like it and VOID have just added a new edge to it.


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