September 26th 2015 I spent the day raving at Tokyo World festival / all day rave at Eastville Park in Bristol.


As always I didn’t want to waste time queuing while I could be raving so I turned up extra early to ensure this.


Usually when I turn up to an event like this there is always some delay after it is meant to open due to poor communication between staff or the medical team haven’t turned up yet etc… Tokyo World were the fastest promoter I have seen at a festival to get the gates open after the scheduled time with only a delay of 5-10 mins. Unlike a lot of other festivals where the delay could be anywhere between 30 mins to an hour.

It took a while for the music to pick up a bit to begin with, but as soon as Apex came on the main stage at 13:00 that’s when the party really started. Here’s me laying down some vibes:

Some third party coverage on Instagram:


I spent the majority of the day / evening raving at the Shapes & Alfresco Disco stages. The music was on top form with a good vibing crowd. It was great to catch up with the Shapes crew.



The stages were a bit too close together though which caused a distortion in the audio if you weren’t stood directly in front of a stage’s speakers, but it got better throughout the day.

As this month has 5 weekends before pay day, the original plan was to head back after the day as that was where the amount of money I had limited me to. Those plans soon changed as Craig from Banjax booked me to represent with them down at the O2 and paid for the train home in the morning etc.


All in all it was a great weekend and Tokyo World gets an 8/10 and I will be back next year.

NEXT WEEKEND: We Are WHSE presents Toolroom Live, Great Suffolk Street Warehouse, London


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