ON Saturday 28th November I traveled up to Manchester to see what all the hype about The Warehouse Project was about.


The Warehouse Project venue can vary from year-to-year but this year it was hosted in the Store Street car park below Manchester Piccadilly train station. Due to the time of my train getting to Manchester I was waiting outside an hour and a half before it started. Which I didn’t mind if it was worth it.

Of course as soon as I got in there I was making the most of it and raving away (as you should!).



Sure The Warehouse Project is a good rave and I had great fun raving, but there was nothing about it that made it stand out to me and get me saying ‘WOW!!!!’.

The venue size is too small for the amount of people. I can understand from the promoter’s point of view that they need to make money and a single person is generating £30+, so go for full capacity and make as much as possible! However, for the raver, it’s not good to feel like a tinned fish. Ravers need space, they need to be able to move and dance . For this reason I didn’t spend a lot of time in room 1, typically room 2 was better as you could actually dance around and have a great time!

Apart from the that though it was a top quality rave and I loved every minute! I will be back again next year for sure.

I went to the WHP 10×10 all day rave in the abandoned Mayfield Depot station back in July. Now that was really good, you had all the space in the world then and was one of the best days of the year!

Thanks for the adventure WHP, I will next be in Manchester on 6th February 2016 for AWAKENINGS at Victoria Warehouse.


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