Saturday 24th October I made my way back up to the rave lands of Digbeth, Birmingham for The Last Ever Face at The Rainbow Venues.

This was a 12 hour rave from 6pm to 6am (5am with the time change). I got there right at the start and as soon as I walked in I knew I had some serious raving to do. FACE had taken over the Warehouse, Blackbox, Rooftop Terrace and the Garden.

I found myself raving outside for the majority of the rave, as the cold temperature was perfect for maintaining high performance raving for a long time without over heating and it meant you either dance or be cold 😛

Apart from the 24 Hour Rave and J.E.S.U.S rave, The Last Ever FACE was best I’ve been to at The Rainbow Venues. Everyone in the crowd were friendly and all going for it. I was just pumped with energy from start to the end. The feeling was incredible.

So thanks to all the ravers, the artists and especially The Rainbow staff who provided the rave; it was incredible. I’ll be back.

Check out the Imaginarium rave schedule at The Rainbow Venues September 2015 – January 2016.


Next weekend I will be raving at Secret City, Drumcode and GLAS. Check out my Halloween rave line up for more information.

I have joined up with Banjax in Bristol to host a Bradley Gunn Raver all day rooftop rave on 1st May 2016. Facebook event will be up Monday.

Banjax presents Bradley Gunn Raver all day rave
Banjax presents Bradley Gunn Raver all day rave


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