Shapes Boat Party

Friday evening I was in Bristol for the Shapes boat party. To be completely honest, my personal opinion is that boat parties are never as good as how they sound, due to the fact space is very limited so it is hard to move around but since it was Shapes and I love their raves, I decided I would get back on the boat party again.

For 3 hours we danced around whilst travelling down the river Avon, everyone smiling and having a great time, vibes were great!

If you haven’t checked out a Shapes rave, I suggest you go to one and see the beauty within.

(Message for Shapes): SHAPES, You may have some cool raves line up with big line ups etc, but nothing will beat this one you did last year and you need to get back in the Basketball court for a rave! <3


Parallel Dimensions Day Rave

On Saturday I was back at Blue Mountain Club for yet another day rave, this time hosted by Parallel Dimensions.

The decor and production that went into this was great, and just over an hour after the rave started, it was fully pumping! It was raining again, but we didn’t care, raining or not, raving has priority!

Also had a great time raving in the street again!

The Acid Experiment

Saturday night I was up in Birmingham for The Acid Experiment. The Acid Experiment is a fairly new rave to the scene but has already become quite something and I really recommend going to one of these!

From the very start Acid House was being played like there was no tomorrow. The way to go!

It has been said over social media constantly by many people who attended, the whole rave was bouncing from start to finish and the atmosphere was something else! Definitely coming back for the next Acid Experiment!


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