On Saturday 14th November I was back in my local city of Bristol.

First stop I headed to The Marble Factory (part of Motion) for the Shapes 4th birthday rave.


It was a bit of a slow warm up to begin with but things really picked up with a proper old school 90s style set of the best rave tracks.

Of course Shapes lived up to their legendary standards and really shown a true example of Bristol raving. I couldn’t stay until the end though as at 4am I had to leave and make my way to the Banjax breakfast club rave at Basement 45.

After filling up on food and energy drink I was good to go again! The Banjax breakfast rave lasted from 04:30 – 08:00 so we had a good few hours to rave. When it got to around 7am when the vibes had really settled in and the crowd was bouncing, it was a non-stop rave marathon to the end.


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