This was my Birthday weekend, so of course it was going to be one to remember!



Saturday 23rd July I started off at Motion in Bristol for the Sequences festival. It had 3 stages consisting of The Blast, Critical Sound and Deep Medi. Critical Sound was hosted inside one of the warehouses which was awesome because the day parties at Motion rarely happen in one of the warehouses.

From the very start Critical were smashing it and I was loving life:

The Blast and Deep Medi were smashing it too and it was all great fun.

24hr Garage Girls


Around about 6pm, I left Motion and went over to Blue Mountain Club for the 24hr Garage Girls rave. If you have been to the rooftop raves at Blue Mountain you will know how much fun they are, if not, I seriously recommend checking one out!

This guy’s mix was on point and this remix of TNT was amazing!

Again, I was loving life and raving 😉


A few of the old skool ravers/DJs in Bristol missed the days when they used to rave to Hard House and Trance back in the 90s. So they decided to put on a rave.

It was amazing to see how many people turned up so quickly and how much people were talking about the event before hand. I personally had been waiting weeks for this so that night had finally arrived!

It was truly such an energetic night and I can’t wait until the next one.

Space Ibiza 27th Anniversary


On Sunday I got a plane over to Ibiza for the Space 27th Anniversary.


Of course sober raving isn’t as cheap in Ibiza as it is in the UK as you can’t drink the tap water and the price of staying hydrated is the same as Wonga’s interest rates. As soon as I got into Space I spent €40 on 5 bottles of water @ €8 each, put them all in my bag and didn’t need to go back to the bar again that night. Since the air is less humid and Space have lots of fans, you don’t get as hot or sweaty as you would in a UK warehouse, so the need to drink lots of water is decreased.

The terrace is a great little spot and I raved here for a few hours before the other rooms opened:

After the main room had opened, Darius Syrossian was smashing it and I was loving life raving to his set:

Space is such a cool place and I will be back here again to check out the other venues in Ibiza too.

Monday Evening Rave Sessions on the beach


After Space had ended I got a plane back to the UK for Monday Evening Rave Sessions (A weekly live stream I run on my Facebook page). This week it was being hosted on the beach in Portland at Quiddles beach bar.

Live stream:

Listen on Mixcloud:

It was great fun and a huge success! The live stream has had over 10,000 views and everyone who attended was having a great time. So we have only just gone and booked in the next one!


This will be on 5th September. Join the Facebook event:


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