This was a busy weekend, had a lot of travelling to do!


On Friday 30th October I made my way up to Birmingham for the Secret City HOSTAGE rave.

Me blindfolded and captured by Secret City crew

Ravers were given a location to where the HOSTAGE point was. When we got there we were asked to turn our phones off and put them in an envelope. Once that was done we were blindfolded and put on a blacked out bus to where we were driven to the rave.


We weren’t allowed out blindfolds off until we were actually inside the slaughter house. I didn’t have a clue where I was or which direction I was heading in, I just had to follow the person in front by holding onto their shoulder. As soon as we had our blindfolds taken off it was magical, we didn’t have a clue where we were, but we knew we were in a rave and it was fully vibing.

After Secret City finished at around 4am, I found where I was using the GPS on my phone and made my way straight to the train station (around 30 mins walk) as I had to get to London for DRUMCODE!

There was a bit of sitting around at Birmingham New Street to do before the train departed, but I got into London for 9am. I didn’t have any time for sleep though, I had 3 hours to meet friends, go to my uncles, have a shower and be at Tobacco Dock for midday.

I had been waiting months for this rave, listening to DRUMCODE mixes every morning on the way to work, the day finally came. Tobacco Dock is my favourite place to rave so it was refreshing to be back in that car park.


I also appeared on YouTube as “Techno Zebra”…

I strategically placed myself by the big fan on the ramp so I had constant cool air flow so I didn’t over heat. I needed that fan because I raved 38 miles at DRUMCODE!

All in all DRUMCODE at Tobacco Dock was absolutely incredible.


The next morning I had to go back to the train station to go to Birmingham again for GLAS all day rave. This started at 2pm so had some time to kill. After Secret City and DRUMCODE I was pretty tired but as soon as the music came on I was going 100%.

I could only stay for 5 hours until the last train home, but as always GLAS was topping the Sunday afternoon.



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