Saturday 9th January I made my way over to Scuba presents 12 weeks of Techno at XOYO, London. I had originally planned to go to the Tribal Village PsyTrance rave over at the Steelyard, unfortunately that was canceled due to problems with the venue.


I turned up around 9pm when it started, bit of a slow start I must say, didn’t really pick up until 11pm. Although when it did get started, it was really going off.

I definitely had a good few hours dancing away to Scuba’s set and I loved every minute while I was there. However, come 1am it felt like you were a tinned fish due to too many people in the room. I think a bigger club needs to be used if such artists are going to be playing, or lower the capacity.

This was the first time I had been to XOYO and I have heard of its reputation of being quite hyped up on the scene, as Resident Advisor describes: “XOYO is one of London’s most well-respected clubs”. For me, I couldn’t see what’s so special about the place if I am honest. Nothing stood out.

Overall, it was an alright start to January. The music was top notch thanks to Scuba, but the club just didn’t work for me. I will make up for it at the Morning Gloryville breakfast rave 9am – 1:30pm at Mode, London next Saturday.


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