Friday 8th July I was in Birmingham at The Rainbow Venues for Re:cord. I had heard good things of Re:cord raves in the past but never been so it was good to finally check it out!

It was great to catch up with many rave friends who were also out raving it up!

It was a great start to the weekend and fulling pumping for the whole 8 hours.


GLAS is a rave with high reputation in the Midlands, usually hosted in Birmingham, it was really something for Wolverhamton to see it coming to the mighty Starworks Warehouse. The stage production that went into this was mega, GLAS really put in the extra effort for this!

The moment the music got going, so was I! Raving 100%

I could only stay for 4 hours as I had a rave to run in Bristol at 10pm, but those 4 hours were great. Especially in the small warehouse / room 2, I was really going off in there.

FXtion Records presents BGR Sessions

I have teamed up with newly born record label: FXtion Records on a series of events. The first being at Lakota in Bristol on Saturday 9th July 2016. After months of planning the time had finally come. We couldn’t wait to here the sounds of Alexis Raphael, SEFF, Tommy Vercetti and more playing. A lot of our line up was Birmingham based so we were excited to bring that sound to Bristol.

After a few hours the rave really started to pick up. It may not have been a sell out event but wow the vibes were fully pumping, everyone dancing away with happy faces.

An up and coming DJ duo called Mhod played 3-4 and oh man they really smashed it! Best set of the night in my opinion!

Thanks to everyone who came down, I have heard lots of good feedback so far. We are now planning the next one. If you attended and would like to give some feedback, feel free to message my Facebook page: Bradley Gunn Raver.


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