Rave On Avon

Saturday 14th May I was in Bristol for Rave On Avon. Rave On Avon is an event that is hosted accross multiple venues accross Stokes Croft throughout the day and night. Ofcourse being a fan of the Blue Mountain rooftop raves, I spend most of the day there.

It started out to be great fun, raving with great weather and space to dance.

After a few hours, it started getting more and more packed, to the point you couldn’t actually dance, let alone standing still without being pushed around by people moving through the crowd. At that point, I made the hard decision that I would exit that rave. This is where it just got more fun though…

Since the rooftop rave was outside, you could hear the music outside in the street completely fine, so I put my bag down and just started raving on the side of the road. Way more space to dance and the whole thing was better outside for me personally. After an hour of raving in the street, my good friend and fellow raver Wojtek turned up, who joined me in the street rave. Overall it was a great day! Bring on next year!

After a few more hours it got to 8pm, which meant I had to go and make my way upto Birmingham for SECRET CITY X VOID!

Secret City X VOID

Secret City is a rave that specialises in stripping the rave back to what matters most: the music and the people. Hosting in secret abandoned locations accross the city. At 8pm a clue will be given for the location, ravers then have until 11:30pm to find the location before doors are locked for the night. Previous locations include:

Basement No.38 (a basement under the crown courts with a dark boiler room accessed via a tunnel)

The Monastery (abandoned monastery)

Derelict Slaughter House (an old Victorian slaughter house) – for this one ravers were blindfolded, kidnapped and driven to an unnamed location

VOID is a rave created by the ravers, it is an intimate rave hosted at the monastery with up and coming local DJs. It is seriously something you should try if you haven’t.

SECRET CITY and VOID coming together to host a rave was something that was not to be missed, it was the send off rave as VOID is moving to Ibiza for the summer with their residency at Viva. After just over 6 months of running raves to getting an Ibiza residency, that shows VOID is something.

From the start to finish is was popping 100%, no warm ups, no chill, just full on rave and pure madness, exactly how we like it. There was so much energy coming off everyone just giving it 100% energy.

Tommy Vercetti smashing his set and the rave going off:

I wish all the best to VOID with the summer residency.


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