Bank Holiday is always a chance to have a mental weekend, and so I took the opportunity to go nuts on the raving. I had  quite a few journeys to make too!


Thursday 24th – PEACH @ KOKO, London

Thursday 24th I was in London for the PEACH reunion rave 2016. My good friend Simon from Bristol advised me to check this rave out. Coming from the legend and old school raver himself who has been raving since the early days, I most certainly went.

Most raves today have a few hours of warm up before its proper kicking off, which i’m not the biggest fan of as I like to go straight in, but hey it is what it is! So of course I was expecting a warm up, but oh no… not PEACH, these guys rave hard and I mean HARD! NO WARM UP!!!! I was indeed a very happy raver and we were all going 100% from the very start. I would safely say more than 80% of the crowd in there were twice my age and have been raving since the start which really gave me a chance to rave with the original ravers and experience their way of rave. Which really did take me to a new world!

Although my increased energy levels and excitement did ended up in me pulling a muscle in my back, which lead me to being in pain for the next day. Luckily it was all good by Saturday, the main rave day.. CHAPTER XII!

Saturday 26th – CHAPTER XII @ The Rainbow Venues, Birmingham

Saturday 26th I was on the train to Birmingham at 7am, listening to a mix and in full rave mode! I had been waiting a very long time for CHAPTER XII and it was finally the day! I was the queue by 9:30am ready to go!


As soon as it opened I was going for it right from the start to the end. CHAPTER XII was just full of energy!

It was great to see so many other people loosing themselves in the music and later in the evening, myself and a few others had formed a proper rave crew going, showing that RAVE UNITES PEOPLE in a way like no other!

If I had to say who’s set I enjoyed the most it has to be REIDY’s set in the Warehouse, as he may not be a headliner yet but you don’t have to be as to me I connected with that set the most out of all of them and it had me raving to the maximum. So big up to John Reidy. Top man!

Bring on Chapter XIII 2017! event link:

Saturday 26th – Elrow after party @ new rainbow warehouse, Birmingham

When Chapter XII had finished, I made my way over to the new warehouse that The Rainbow Venues had acquired for the Elrow after party. What a place this is!


As always Elrow were smashing it, but it was not just any Elrow rave, it was Elrow performing in the midlands which meant they had to be on point! They sure put on a solid rave!

Sunday 27th – Banjax day rave @ Blue Mountain, Bristol

As soon as I left Chapter XII I was on the way to Bristol and after a breakfast in Weatherspoons at 9am, I was over at Blue Mountain helping get the place set up for the rave.


I decided to have a little spin before the rave started to see how I performed on the other side of the decks. Not sure i’m quite good enough to play a set any time soon, bit of practice needed!

As soon as the rave started myself and my good friend Wojtek were loving life and giving it all of our energy.

The rave quickly picked up and within a few hours the rooftop was heaving with ravers, music and sun! What a day this was. I could only stay until 7pm as I had to get on another train to Wolverhampton.

Sunday 27th – Starworks Warehouse Launch Rave @ Starworks Warehouse, Wolverhampton

I hadn’t been to Wolverhampton before and neither had I heard of much going on there but a new warehouse launch is never something to miss! The guys behind Starworks Warehouse really put a top rave on and it is something you should check out on your rave travels!


Towards the end of the night Starworks had me raving on stage which most certainly boosted my remaining energy levels by 1000%! I feel so proud to have represented for Starworks Warehouse!

So thanks to all the Starworks team for the love and hospitality and of course the rave they supplied! I will be back.

Monday 28th – BGR Monday Evening Rave Sessions @ LIVE on Facebook

If you don’t already know, every Monday I host a live stream on Facebook of myself raving away to some music for an hour and a half. At first this was just a one off, why not random idea, but it has now turned into a weekly event and I have now got DJ’s coming over for guest DJ mixes.


On Monday I had my friend Frazer Mitchell come over and perform a set, you can watch the show here:

There is more coming up too:

11th April: Special b2b set

25th April: FXtion Records takeover

If you are a DJ of promoter and want to promote yourself through performing a guest mix on the live stream or doing a promoter takeover session, then get in contact and we can sort something out. Email me on or message my Facebook page.


  1. What about audio whore in London? How can you not mention that, very surprised great venue, over 3000 ravers spanning over 2 rooms, with a packed Dj line up

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