The day before…

New Years Eve was on a Saturday, meaning there was nothing to do Friday night. Not a problem but waking up early Saturday morning would be a problem as the bare excitement waiting for NYE would make the waiting Saturday day time seem like a week.

So myself and my friend decided we would try and stay up all night Friday in an attempt to fall asleep in the early hours of the morning and wake up later on Saturday, taking away the wait time. Unfortunately that didn’t work, we were both up by 11. So just under 10 hours to go, what to do? I know let’s go IKEA, it always takes half the day going round that place, right? Well we completed IKEA in less than an hour, it really isn’t as big as it used to seem, but then again we weren’t with parents thinking about what type of surface we want on to match the walls…

Anyway, so the wait was finally over, after a few more hours of waiting around, it was finally time to leave!


First stop was at Starworks Warehouse in Wolverhampton. If you haven’t been yet, you should check it out. We could only stay for about an hour but for that hour we had Shya Groove providing the mix and so it was energetic from the start! I can imagine the rest of the night was quite something!

The Acid Experiment

We then went over to The Acid Experiment at Lab 11 in Birmingham. The Acid Experiment started in late 2015 and has been growing ever since, it is one I have been attending watching it grow myself and it is really quite something. It is one of my favourite raves to attend. They sure didn’t let us down NYE either, fully smashed it and it was a proper energetic and happy vibe. Here’s Ben Price smashing his set with myself and a few of the Brum lads giving it some energy:



Sunday… time for the annual NYD rave at Tobacco Dock. My favourite venue, there was only one place for me to be on NYD day time. As always LWE put on a top level event.

Jon Rundell was starting things off while I was raving to his set and doing a live stream:

Knee Deep In Sound were also hosting the Car Park, which is a legendary raving space, loving life in there!

Unfortunately I could only stay until just after 4pm as had to get a train back to Birmingham, but those 4 hours have made me even more excited for the next one! See you at Elrow!

Rainbow NYD


NYD evening I was back in Birmingham for the NYD rave at Rainbow Venues. Being one of my favourite places to rave, it was a no brainer, plus the Brum scene is really full of energy right now. A mental night to say the least and it was great to finish off new years at this rave. The Blackbox was really going off all night and I must say that was where I spend most of my night, with Pippi Ciez, Alan Fitzpatrick, Ben Klock and Dense & Pika really creating unreal scenes. Here’s me and a fellow raver raving to Dense & Pika:

What a year it has been! See my 2016 review here:

Now for 2017, this year is going to be absolutely mental, some crazy plans coming up and I hope everyone has a fun year. Remember, LOVE LIFE AND RAVE <3


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