Mint Festival, Leeds


Saturday 24th September I was in Leeds for Mint Festival 2016. It was great to see another festival making use of the inner city concrete flooring, which made it a bit different than the normal field festival plus better flooring to dance on! Of course I was loving life from the start:

I had a great time raving at Mint Festival, and hopefully will return next year! Shame it was on the same weekend as Tokyo World festival in Bristol but as I would have liked to gone to both, but I guess you can only attend one event at a time!

My favourite stage was by far the outdoor car park rave, which I didn’t know was there at the start, but when I found it, I knew I was in heaven! The Elrow, Bitch and Knee Deep In Leeds stages were also great!

The Warehouse Project: Welcome To The Warehouse, Store Street, Manchester


I got the train over to Manchester at 17:30 to get to The Warehouse Project. It was great to be back at Store Street! Although was hoping it was going to be at Victoria Warehouse this year as I fell in love with that venue back in February at the Awakenings rave.

As always, The Warehouse Project was an experience in its own right, Adam Beyer was really setting the scene when he was on:

Can’t wait to return here later this year for a few more WHP raves including Ants, Drumcode and Tuskegee.

Abode, Ministry of Sound, London

On Sunday I was in London spending a few hours of the afternoon raving at Abode at Ministry of Sound. Unfortunately I had work the next day so couldn’t commit to the entire night, but was great fun while I was there! As per usual Abode were rocking the place and as soon as I was in there I was dancing around as always:

I also set a live stream going for 30 minutes:

This rave just kept on getting better and better every minute so was hard to leave after being there for just a few hours, but got to work to pay for the raving I guess! The excitement is large for Abode all day rave at Tobacco Dock on Halloween Weekend! #IfYouKnowYouKnow


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