Just Jack

I was down in my local city of Bristol for the whole weekend. Starting off on Friday night at the Just Jack rave at Motion.

Just Jack was meant to be in The Marble Factory, but due to a low amount of tickets being sold, the decision was made to use just the tunnel and cave of Motion. It came to much confusion to the ravers and left them thinking “what is going on?” as there was no prior warning about this. Nothing too serious though and it ended up being a great rave! Loving life all night long. Remember, some of the best raves have less people!


Thanks to Dan Wild I left motion with a record in my hand to take home and listen to. What a tune this is!


It has been a few months since I had last been to a drum and bass rave. My friends at Liquifyah were hosting the┬ácave at the Hospitality rave at Motion, so I had to go. Liquifyah are my favourite drum and bass promoter and all the people involved are just down to earth and you don’t get vibes like you do at Liquifyah. I ended up getting involved in a DJ, MC and RAVER performance. The DJ being Phaction supplying a spot on mix, the MC who is MC Bluejay on the mic and myself the RAVER adding extra energy and vibes to the room, and of course all the ravers in the crowd absolutely going for it.

So big up to Liquifyah, who always leave my feeling high on life after raving with them.

The main room that Hospitality were hosting was also good, although for me it was too packed to dance and i’m not the biggest fan of feeling like a tinned fish, so I spent most of the night in the tunnel and cave. Although I must say the main room was really good for the time I spent in there at the start and towards the end.


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