Saturday 4th June I was in London for the Junction 2 rave hosted by the one and only LWE (London Warehouse Events).

What was special about this rave was that it was hosted below the M4 Motorway, with DRUMCODE providing the mighty sound of Techno. As well as The Hydra and Closer hosting two other tents.

As soon as I entered the rave I couldn’t believe my eyes. “Are we really here right now?”! The location just added so much feel to the rave it was unbelievable.

We started raving with Ida Engberg playing and from the very start myself and my good friend and rave partner Wojtek were raving 100%!

I found myself raving in one spot throughout the whole rave which was of course to the sound of DRUMCODE. The energy was too high and the sound too good there was no leaving! What a day this was!

I was speaking to someone and they were saying how it was the best techno rave they have ever attended, and thinking about that I also agree it was the best techno rave I have attended. So massive big up to LWE, DRUMCODE, THE HYDRA and CLOSER for providing a truly amazing day!

Absolutely amazing! This better happen again next year. This is truly one to remember!


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