October 16th and 17th I raved in Bristol for IN:Motion presents Apex and Alfresco Disco Tunnel Vision.

It was good to get back to Motion, my local warehouse rave in Bristol and only be an hour from home. What was special about Motion Friday night though was that I had the film crew down with me again for shoot 3 of the documentary. Here’s some of the footage we got:

Big thanks to Motion and Apex for giving us filming permission and being so welcoming. All the artists were on point and all played wicked sets.

After Apex had finished, I stayed at a mates in Clifton for a few hours before heading back down for Tunnel Vision. 3 hours sleep, showered and a Weatherspoons large breakfast w/ cup of tea, it was like the whole weekend started again, fresh and pumped for a rave!

Alfresco Disco put a rave on in the tunnel next to Temple Meads that leads to Motion. I have always thought a rave in there would be amazing so it was a dream come true!



This was a really cool rave and the vibes were great, it had a real 90s feel to it, I mentally couldn’t get myself out of that tunnel.

Alfresco Disco hired Limbic Cimena for the visuals, and what an incredible job they did with the projections on the block building.

So thanks to Motion, Apex and Alfresco Disco, you guys have really shown off the Bristol rave scene this weekend and made it all worth it.


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