In:Motion Opening, Motion, Bristol


Friday night I was in my local City of Bristol for the In:Motion 2016 opening rave. From my Facebook timeline it seemed as if everyone was heading down to this, it was going deffo going to be something!

As always, In:Motion were opening up with a Monster line up, and this time, they have opened up yet another room. With amazing lighting:


Once I found this room I definitely spent a lot of the night in there, the energy was vibing!

It was great to see so many local rave friends too, all in one place again raving together.

All in all was a great rave, loved it. This year’s In:Motion series is really going to be quite something! Can’t wait to be back here soon!

AMP All Day Rave, Tobacco Dock, London


Now it is time to return to the Dock, the one and only Tobacco Dock, situated in East London, this monstrous venue is absolutely incredible. Since first going on NYD 2015, I have been to every single one since, it is just too good to be true. So much love for the raves at Tobacco Dock and massive amounts of love to my friends at LWE for making it happen.

Of course, as per a new tradition of mine, the zebra head definitively came along with me to Tobacco Dock, got that thing into rave mode right away!

I still get asked the question: what’s with the zebra head? Just to go over that again, I don’t know it was a random idea inspired from a mate called Dave at a festival and there is no logical or valid reason for it. It’s just a fuck it why not sort of thing.

Anyway, after a few hours of raving in the great gallery I made my way down to the car park.


That view never gets old, it is a magical and wonderful place. Had a proper stomp going on with a fellow raver absolutely loving it:

Until next time LWE! I will be back at Tobacco Dock for Drumcode, Abode, NYE, Elrow and whatever more is after that! See you in the dance!


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