Saturday 2nd July 2016 I was in Bristol for the Hospitality all day rave at Motion and the Who?¿Cares all day rave at Lakota.



I started off at Hospitality at 1pm, with the sun shining and DnB rolling, I got straight into the raving as per usual.

After the first hour went by, the music went slightly of course to be honest, not being DnB that Hospitality are famous for, it all got a bit confusing. At 2:45pm I decided to head over to Lakota for the Who?¿Cares day rave and give it a few hours for Hospitality to get back in the rave.

I got back to Hospitality at 6pm, where it was fully going off and the energy was high! I also purchased a 10 years of Hospitality T-shirt to go with the hat I already have.




I had previously raved at the second Who?¿Cares all day rave of 2015, which was amazing, so I knew what sort of thing to expect with this one. They were definitely living up to their reputation in Bristol.

Always loving life at the Who?¿Cares and will definitely be at the second one this year.

The magic behind Who?¿Cares is that they don’t release the line up and it is kept a secret until you walk into the rave. Risky, but makes it interesting to say the least.

FAC 51 – The Haçienda


It would be wrong to say I had been waiting ages for this one, as I only decided I was going on Thursday evening. I had originally planned just to do the day raves but I was at a friend’s birthday event on the Thursday and they told me they were going to this, so I thought fuck it, why not, booked the train and away we go.

I got to The Albert Hall about 11pm and wow, so much energy, as soon as I got in there I was fully going for it.

Also ended up doing some stage dancing.

I must say though, this rave was full of energy, you could really feel the vibes flowing throughout, it was incredible. Definitely coming back for more of these Haçienda raves.



Saturday 9th July 2016:

FXtion Records presents BGR Sessions @ Lakota, Bristol

Line up includes: Alexis Raphael, SEFF, Tommy Vercetti and more




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