Friday 4th December and Saturday 5th December I was raving in my local city of Bristol.

On Friday I made my way to The Marble Factory (part of Motion) for In:Motion presents Futureboogie. Of course I ensured I was the first on in as always and got raving straight from the start.

Futureboogie was one of the best raves in Bristol I have attended and from start to finish the music was on point and even better, a lot of the crowd were putting an effort into dancing and that made it extra special.


I also saw Gerd Janson play for the first time and it was the best set I have ever raved to. Purely late 80s / 90s styled set. Photo taken by Here and Now:


After a few hours sleep I made my way back to Motion for Elrow at 4pm. I was expecting a massive queue to form up so I turned up an hour early. But that didn’t happen so for about half an hour I had Motion to myself to rave in. Which was great!

By 6pm the place started to fill up and by 7pm it was going off serious style! Really good fun and it was just an incredible atmosphere to rave in.


I left Elrow at about half 9 as I went to the True Blue rave at Blue Mountain to do some crowd motivation stage raving. It was good fun and it got the crowd more involved in raving a long. I have also been booked to do a few hours of stage raving again at Rave on Avon next Saturday.


I didn’t stay out until the end on Saturday as I had to be up and fresh for the last shoot of the documentary on Sunday morning.

Now the last shoot has been done, it’s now all being edited and put together in time for the end of the year. Check out the preview of the documentary here:


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