Field Trip Festival

My good friends at Apex were hosting a stage at Field Trip Festival just outside Bath on Saturday 27th August.

The weather wasn’t really on our side for the first few hours, but music comes before rain, so we just had to stay there and rave!

This tune is differently one of my favourites:

Big up to Field Trip Festival. Was great to see so many local friends either raving or DJing having a great time.

South West Four


I had been looking forward to SW4 2016 for ages, the day had finally come! The year before was also a great day so there were no doubts about 2016.

From the very start the music was pumping which really set the energy levels. About 30 minutes into the rave, two security gaurds from EMK Events asked if we could do a video of us dancing together, I agreed and we did it. Was really good fun and as soon as we watched it back we knew he had to put it on Facebook.

We were shocked to see how many views this was picking up within the first few hours, only expecting it to get a few thousand at most. But it quickly became obvious that this was going to be somewhat viral. Amazing, this has gone absolutely mental and has been shared by The LAD Bible, Mixmag, Techno 24/7, Viral Thread, the list goes on..

My favourite tent of the festival was the Amnesia Ibiza stage, the rave was strong in there. Pure energy, it was on fire!

What a great day this was and can’t was and can’t wait until next year.


After SW4, I went over to Bristol to go to the Banjax rave at Blue Mountain. As always, Banjax was going off. Ended up doing stage dancing again for Banjax.

Going to miss the Banjax raves a lot while they are away. Really hope they return soon. Was great raving and working with them, we have made some great memories together.


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