Friday night I was in Bristol at Crofters Rights which is a small venue perfect for an intimate rave which Inkh were providing that night. Inkh are a local Bristol promoter that put on Drum and Bass nights.

I couldn’t stay all night as I had to be in London in the morning but I raved for a few hours here and was loving it 100% from the start.

As per usual Inkh were smashing it and I have heard from many people that the rest of the night was a blast to say the least. Big up Ink! Smashed it!

Fabric Footwork

Tim Griffith (man on the left) did a 24 hour dance marathon outside Fabric

A man called Tim Griffith set a mission #FabricFootwork to dance outside Fabric for 24 hours (Friday 12:00 – Saturday 12:00) to help raise money towards the #SaveFabric / #SaveOurCulture campaign. As you will probably already know, Islington Council suspended Fabric’s licence which means for now, it is closed. I turned up to Fabric about 9am Saturday to dance around with Tim for a few hours and help promote his campaign by doing a live video on Facebook:

Tim has had huge support from Mixmag, Fabric and many others to raise awareness, and now is the time to act. You can help by donating to the Fabric fund: or via Tim’s #FabricFootwork fund:

Watch this video for more info:

I really hope Fabric can be brought back. This is much bigger than just a nightclub.


Saturday night I was at Ministry of Sound for the CUFF rave. That night I was working with Tim Baresko for a video he is making to promote one of his upcoming tracks. When I say working I really mean just dancing around while a camera guy films it. If you have seen the video of me dancing with the two security guards video, Tim Baresko is the guy who produced the track we were dancing to.


It was great to be invited down and what a night it was, had a great time raving with the CUFF team:


Morning Gloryville

Of course, Morning Gloryville is on a Wednesday morning so it is not really part of the weekend, but I have so much love for this rave I had to include it in this post.

If you don’t already know Morning Gloryville is a wake up / breakfast rave that happens on a Wednesday morning at Oval Space in Bethnal Green, London. It is designed as a rave your way into the day / before work event. So you can dance around before getting on with your day. Morning Gloryville is a 100% sober rave and is a big time player in the sober rave movement that is getting bigger and bigger.

As always I had an absolutely amazing time at Morning Gloryville and you really have to experience it to understand how mind blowing the vibe is and how much energy flows through the crowd of bRavers (breakfast ravers).

Rat Pack were playing this time and you can watch the live stream I did:

You too can be part of Morning Gloryville by coming to the next one on 9th November. Everyone is welcome, join the Facebook event here:


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