Drumcode @ Tobacco Dock


Saturday 29th October I was back at the iconic Tobacco Dock for the annual Drumcode Halloween rave. I had been waiting a long time for this one, and since last year was so good: Drumcode Halloween 2015 review, the excitement for this year was unreal.

Starting off the day, Boxia was pumping the great gallery with his energetic mix, of course that had me dancing around:

The car park was also intimate as always:

Wow what a day that was at Drumcode Halloween, it was off the hook as always. You can check out a 6.5 hour mix recording from Drumcode here: https://www.mixcloud.com/adambeyer/drumcode-live-from-tobacco-dock/


Cutting Edge @ 93 Feet East

My good friends at Cutting Edge were hosting a little rave down the road at 93 Feet East, so I had to go and see them before heading up to Birmingham.

It was great fun to have a catch up and rave with Cutting Edge

Portal @ The Rainbow Venues (119 Floodgate)


Saturday night I made my way up to The Rainbow Venues in Birmingham for The Portal rave. This time in the 119 Floodgate Street Warehouse.  This place is a crazy venue and was so good to hear it was here.

Was a crazy party and was raving around with Solardo after his set

Abode @ Tobacco Dock


Sunday, I was back at Tobacco Dock again (can’t keep away from that place) for the Abode rave. I  was fairly tired but as soon as the rave got going, so did I, two days at Tobacco Dock is a gift from the gods.

Abode were really showing what they’re about on Sunday and as a result, the rooms were filled with the magical energetic vibes.

I really hope Abode makes it back to Tobacco Dock again.


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