On Saturday 26th December I went to Birmingham for DAVE Rave and The Portal.

DAVE Rave started a bit later than it was scheduled so I only had a couple of a hours to rave there before Portal, but it was going off from the start. Straight in, no warm ups! That’s the way we like to rave.

Also shout out to Marc Spence on performing his 12 hour set at DAVE Rave.

At 10pm it was time for Portal, I had been waiting months for this rave so I was pumped with energy and ready to have it out solid all night. As soon as I got in there was no time to waste, the zebra head was straight on.


I spent most of the night raving in on the terrace as it was a nice cold temperate to rave in and the music was on point all night. The Blackbox and Warehouse were also top quality and the last 15 minutes in the Warehouse was really some solid raving going on. Portal has been one of the best nights at Rainbow so far, nearly as good as The Last Ever FACE.

After Portal I made my way back home, had a few hours sleep before heading up to Bristol for the Bris-Tek rave.

It had been a year since I last went to Bris-Tek so I was really looking forward to this one. From the moment I got in Bris-Tek was living up to its name and showcasing the Bristol drum and bass scene.



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