Boundary Festival

Saturday 17th September 2016 I was at Boundary festival in Brighton. Since LWE and Elrow were hosting stages at the festival, it was sure going to be something.

It was quite odd to see the second smaller stage was drawing more attraction that the main stage from the start, that may have been because Elrow were rocking it with house music and the main stage was more varied with different types of music, starting off with calmer music with a few bands. Not that it’s bad in anyway, as it sure did attract a cowd. However for a lot of the crowd, house and techno was the main choice, including mine. The main stage did start to get more dancy towards the later hours in the day.

Of course I brought the zebra head with me, was loving life and raving in the Elrow stage:

The LWE stage was really cool with their London Warehousing & Co branded pop up warehouse tent.

My favourite set in here was definitely Gerd Janson. So much energy when he plays!

Moondance Festival

I don’t usually rave on a Sunday that often as I have to get back home in the evening for work on Monday, it was something I had to think about for 5 minutes. I decided I would go rave at Moondance for a few hours, I just had to go!

Moondance has been running for 25 years now so it is being run by the original ravers! Music was varied from old school house to drum & bass, every stage was pumping! I started the day raving in the Promised Land tent to DJ EZM from, he was smashing it with a serious vibe!

Had a great time raving around on Sunday funday 😉  #LoveLifeAndRave

Can’t wait until next year, before then Moondance are hosting a charity rave:



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