Bonobo presents OUTLIER, Tobacco Dock, London

On Saturday 12th March I went over to London for an all day rave at Tobacco Dock. This time it was Bonobo presents OUTLIER. I was a bit confused as to what to expect since I wouldn’t really associate Bonobo with ‘let’s go raving’ music, but I thought i’d give it a go. It seemed that LWE split rooms into grouped styles, so upstairs it was more calm, mellow music and down in the car park is where it was more of my taste of rave. That being said the car park at Tobacco Dock is my favourite place to rave.

Let your mind and body be free and express yourself with the power of music.

I left Tobacco Dock at 6:45pm as I had to catch a train for the next rave in Birmingham.

Cream, The Rainbow Venues [WAREHOUSE], Birmingham

When I got to Birmingham I went straight over to The Rainbow Venues for the Cream rave. It was good to begin with and I was having a great time, even made time for a live video:

Then the music seemed to become more and more commercial style which I decided at that point I’m changing raves, so I went to The Portal rave in the Blackbox next door.

The Portal, The Rainbow Venues [BLACKBOX], Birmingham

The Portal was already going off 100% when I got in there so there was no waiting around with a warm up, it was GO GO GO! It wasn’t solid out so it was strange to see there was a good amount of space to move around, which for the promoter isn’t a good sign, but for me the raver, that is rave heaven!

I went back over to Cream for half an hour to catch some of Danny Rampling’s set as he is one of my rave inspirations. Now that set was really something!

I then thought “well if I am wondering between raves today, might as well go to another one”. So I left Rainbow at about half 1 to go to VOID.

VOID, Monastery, Birmingham

As soon as I got into VOID my mind just lit up with excitement, you don’t get a rave like VOID.

aMo who will be playing at Banjax presents Bradley Gunn Raver all day rave on 1st May 2016 was absolutely smashing it as always:

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