On Saturday 12th December I was in Bristol again for a long session of raving. Before I went, I woke up with a stinking headache and was a bit out of it in the morning but I decided this wasn’t going to get in the way of raving. Although I wasn’t as energetic as I normally am.

At 4pm I met with the Banjax crew to go on the Banjax staff boat party, this was an invite only event for staff and loyal ravers, so I was honored to be there. We had a great time raving along the river for 3 hours!


After the boat party I made my way over to Rave On Avon at Blue Mountain to do some stage raving for Parallel Dimensions. I raved at Rave On Avon from 8pm to 10pm before heading off again to the next rave of the night! It was good fun and the atmosphere was great, everyone dancing and no attitudes!

I then went to The Marble Factory for An Evening With Skream. I turned up in time to see my friend Dan Wild warm up for Skream which was a very fun with a dash of acid house here and there. Skream played a solid set all night long, loved every minute of it.


Thanks to Dan I was able to get a wristband that allowed me to access Motion as well, so I went and checked out the Eton Messy rave next door.image

I didn’t spend long enough in Eton Messy to gather a full opinion on the rave, but from initial thoughts it looked like for the people raving they were having a good time. However, personally I believed I made the right choice by going to An Evening With as that was going off on a new level!

At about 5am I left The Marble Factory and went to Basement 45 where the Banjax Breakfast Club was taking place. There is no messing around with the Banjax Breakfast Club, it goes off from start to finish with solid pumping house and techno going on!


Next weekend I am back in Bristol again for Nightowl presents Hot Creations at Motion and The Selection after party.


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