Friday night I was down in Plymouth with the Banjax crew as they were hosting a rave down at The Hub.


As always the Banjax guys were smashing it and of course was moving to their groove:

It’s nice to see Banjax doing well as they are great friends and have even hosted an event with myself back in May.¬†Unfortunately Plymouth seemed to be pretty empty that night, so it could’ve gone better for Banjax, but sometimes it’s out of your control. Keep on pushing on Banjax!

Get Down

At about 2am I went over to Planet to check out the night Get Down were putting on. As I entered, Havana Dub were on the decks smashing it and a small but lively crowd really created an intimate vibe. It was great to rave with Havana Dub too.

Will definitively go to a Get Down event again when I am next down in Plymouth. Definitely worth cheeking out.

The Acid Experiment


I first went to an Acid Experiment on Friday 8th April, when they were still in the early days and raving in the smaller part of Lab 11. Which was a truly unforgettable rave and have been going to these raves ever since. The Acid Experiment is truly one of my favourites. <3

A few weeks before this, The Acid Experiment came down to Bristol to play on Monday Evening Rave Sessions In The Warehouse:

Now time for the main rave of the weekend, the one everyone had been waiting on for months: THE ACID EXPERIMENT at Lab 11 in Birmingham, who had Fabrio & Grooverider booked, what a monster night this was going to be.

This weekend’s rave was as always 100% going off and some of the tunes were pure energy:

It was great to catch up with many rave friends too as it had been a while since I had been in Birmingham. Always put a big smile on my face seeing you lot!

I could talk to you about this rave for hours, as some friends will know. Absolutely can’t wait until the next one, but one BGR request would be to have a one off special back in the original small venue. That would be amazing. Anyway, if you haven’t been yet, you must go to one of The Acid Experiment’s raves. Just have a look at these video, pure magic:


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