Atomic Jam

Friday 22nd November I traveled up to Birmingham for the 20 years of Atomic Jam.


This was the first time I had been to an Atomic Jam rave and I was really excited for this as I was told by someone: “You haven’t been raving until you have raved at Atomic Jam”. They were right ! I went with Gino (G-Rave) and it was also his first time raving at Atomic Jam. From start to finish Atomic Jam has us raving 100% on an atomic Techno marathon.


The Blackbox (part of The Rainbow Venues) was a perfect venue for Atomic Jam and the newly installed ventilation system meant that the air was kept fresh and you stayed at a cool temperature whilst raving. This is very important!

Since Atomic Jam has been going since 1995, it had all the original ravers there which meant there was no messing about. We were among the rave gods! I will definitely be back raving at Atomic Jam again. Loved every minute of it.


Good feedback from Gino too:



R.E.D Sounds

After Atomic Jam I went back out the following night to the local town in South Somerset where some friends have started up a new night called R.E.D Sounds. This night was their pre-party to their rave in Bristol on 21st January 2016


R.E.D was playing out a mixture of House, Garage, Grime and Dubstep. There isn’t really a music scene going on in South Somerset as i’s all little commercial nightclubs and bars. So it’s important that these nights don’t go unnoticed.


Overall I would say R.E.D Sounds was on top form and the majority of the crowd were relatively switched on to the music and I had a good time. It was great to catch up with a number of friends too.


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