Saturday 23rd April I was back at Motion in Bristol for the ANTS rave. I had originally planned to travel up to Glasgow for the DO NOT SLEEP rave at SWG3 Warehouse. However the 20hr round coach trip for a 5 hour rave that finished as early as 2am seemed a bit silly. 2am was too early to finish. So I kept it local and raved at ANTS instead.

As soon as I was in there I was raving 100% as always.

There was a really nice vibe coming out of this rave and great to see so many people getting involved. Met a few people who I will sure be raving with again!

After a few hours I decided to go next door to The Marble Factory and check out the Outlook Festival Launch Party. It was great to mix up the music and rave to a different beat for an hour or so.


If you are in Bristol this Sunday (Bank Holiday), make sure you are down at Blue Mountain Club for my all day rave with Banjax!




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