When I go raving I usually get at least one or two people ask something about my rave kit. A common question is “have you ran here?”.


Water bottle waist pack


Ever get tired of carrying round a bottle and having to keep it in your hand? and having to pay £2 for the privilege of having water in a bottle?

The main reason I bought this was for convenience, and it has proven to be perfect for raving! Plus having two bottle means the weight is evenly distributed on both sides of your body. It is also a money saver, no more purchasing bottles at the bar!

Running tights

Normal everyday clothes are not designed for raving, so after 12 hours of dancing around it is horrible walking home in some sweaty jeans. Also a lot of normal trousers are quite restricting in leg movement. If you think about it, raving and running are quite similar as they are both fitness. So running tights are perfect for the job. They allow you to have maximum leg movement and are self ventilating so you don’t end up with sweaty legs when you finish raving.

My main inspiration for these was my friend Aida, when we went raving together she went in all her fitness gear. Perfect idea!


Purely to stop sweat going down face

Rave / steampunk goggles

I chose to wear the goggles (no not swimming goggles before you ask) purely because they have a band that goes round your head to stay on, so they never fall off.


I go for fitness / running shoes, that are also breathable. Shoes that are designed for the job.

Zebra head

No there no is logical or sensible reason for this. The zebra just adds a bit of weirdness to the rave! It is not on all the time, but comes out ever so often. So look out for that at a rave.

I hope this answered a few questions. Remember, treat raving like a fitness. It is healthy if you rave healthy. If you see someone running on the side of the road or a cyclist passing by, ask them if they are going to a rave.


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