Photos credit: Aspect Media / Jacob Gibbins Photography

Coming in January 2016 is the documentary based on the rave life of Bradley Gunn Raver. Bradley Gunn Raver is a man from south Somerset that works a Monday to Friday 9-5 job as a software developer, and spends every weekend at a rave somewhere in the UK. What is special about this is that Bradley does this all sober and loves every minute dancing away from start to finish.

The documentary will feature a number of raves hosted by promoters such as LWE, Liquifyah and APEX. The doc will also show the week life of Bradley, outside of raving.

One of the main purposes of this documentary is to push the positive vibes of raving and that you don’t have to be fucked to have fun.

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Check out some of the footage we got at Motion, Bristol:

Below are a selection of photos taken around Bristol in the studio, locations around Bristol and at raves



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