New Years is a very important time in the rave calendar and as always, I set out to go on a rave mission that will push me to my rave limits, challenging endurance, stamina and the mental ability to cope under the stress of sleep deprivation. You are only as physically capable as you are mentally.

Last year

Last new years session (2014/15), I went on a 38 hour rave session in London that consisted of 4 raves that were perfectly timed to act as one long rave session.

new years 14/15

It was a real challenge and I completed it but this year I will be allowing some sleep in between raves. As I found out last time, sleep really is needed for long rave sessions like this.

This year

I have now finalised my plans for this years new years rave session:

new years rave session 15/16

Eastern Electrics NYE

31st December I will be raving at the Eastern Electrics NYE rave. NYE is a really hard one to sort out as there is so many raves going on but I have decided to go with Eastern Electrics as I went to the Eastern Electrics festival back in August and it was one of the highlights of my year. Plus the fact that Eastern Electrics are using a ‘warehouse location’ that hasn’t been used before also interested me.



Dream Dont Sleep NYD

1st January after Eastern Electrics NYE has finished I will have a good few hours sleep before heading back out for the LWE Dream, Don’t Sleep all day rave at Tobacco Dock. 1st January 2015 was my first experience raving at the Tobacco Dock and I have been to every rave at Tobacco Dock since as it is a truly amazing place to rave in. Top quality venue to rave in (nothing beats the car park), really friendly security and staff (no problems with attitudes) and overall I get truly mentally lost in the music when I rave at Tobacco Dock. So there is no doubt I will be raving there again on NYD.




I will be leaving Tobacco Dock around 7:30pm to get the train to Birmingham for the DO NOT SLEEP rave at The Rainbow Venues. There was no chance I could miss this. Every time I go raving in the Midlands it is an experience like no other, especially at The Rainbow Venues. The industrial rave lands of Digbeth always show off the raw beauty of raving.



Smile High Club

After DO NOT SLEEP on 2nd January I will make my way back down to London, get some more sleep and make my way to Tobacco Dock for another all day rave. Yes that’s right, LWE are running two all day raves over two days. Smile High Club are taking over the Tobacco Dock which I am really looking forward to as they also had a stage at South West Four festival which was my favourite stage of the festival so it’s really exciting to see they are running a rave at Tobacco Dock.



It has undoubtedly been the best year of my life and I can’t wait to sum it all up in the New Years Rave Session and start 2016 in full rave mode for another happy year of raving. Wherever you are raving on NYE have a great time and hopefully see you at one of the raves I will be attending.

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