After months of wanting to go to a Morning Gloryville rave I finally made it on Wednesday 7th October.

Morning Gloryville is a rave that is strictly a sober rave and designed to be a pre-work rave. Hence the tagline “Rave Your Way Into The Day”.

I am a sober raver so Morning Gloryville was something I really needed to go to. Although I had to take the day off work as it is 150 miles away from where I work, I am so happy I did.

It has to be said, Morning Gloryville is the best rave I have ever been to. It’s really hard to put it into words but the vibes coming from a crowd of completely sober ravers giving it 100% energy and happiness at 6:30 am was absolutely incredible. I have never seen an entire crowd smiling so much and dancing with so much pure energy. From start to finish my mind and body was pumping with energy like never before.

I feel inspired to another level and sober raving is the way forward. Make sure you get yourself to a Morning Gloryville rave. There is nothing quite like it. I will most definitely be back when I can get another day off work for it.

Check out this vlog of the Morning Gloryville rave posted by Nathan Maingard, it is a must watch and really shows off the beauty of a Morning Gloryville breakfast rave

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