Welcome to the monthly rave review for March 2017

March was yet another big month with a range of big and small events and a trip out to Andorra for Hibernation festival. I also ventured under the Severn Bridge with Bubimages and got a video:

SAT 4th

Hospitality @ Motion, Bristol


Starting the month at the local warehouse: Motion. This time Hospitality were running the show. Hospitality are one of my favourite drum and bass promoters and I almost-always have time for their events. It was also great to see the Liquifyah family providing the music in the Cave.

From start to finish the rave was full of energy and I was loving life in the main room:

Next Hospitality event I will be attending is on 14th April at Tobacco Dock, London. For more information and event info click here.

SUN 5th

Abode @ Printworks, London


Back at Printworks, this time for the almighty Abode who have consistently been smashing out each and every event they put on without fail. This was sure going to be something. Comparing to a few of the other Printworks events I have been to, Abode were straight in there pumping the drums from the start and had an impressive amount of people turning up very quickly. The energy and vibes were just amazing all day long.

LWE let me have a look upstairs to get another perspective on the venue. It is truly another world up on those balconies:

You can watch the official after video for the event here:

The next Abode event I will be attending it on Sunday 9th April at Village Underground. For more information and event info click here.

SAT 11th

Elrow @ Tobacco Dock, London


Tobacco Dock, probably one of the most exciting venues in the UK and with Elrow teaming up with LWE to host a rave. This was truly an unmissable event.

Starting off in the Great Gallery was Jacky who was filling the room with his musical energy. I had to get a video dancing to his set:

I could only stay for 4.5 hours as I had other raves to get to, but for the time I was there, it was non-stop madness. One of the most impressive Elrow event I have been to so far.

You can watch the official video for the event here:

Next Elrow event I am attending is on 19th August in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. For more information and event info click here.

Winter Social Festival @ Maidstone, Kent


Later on in the evening I turned up to The Winter Social festival in Maidstone, Kent. Spread over two warehouse rooms and an outside tent. It was sure going off with maximum energy:

I have been to a few summer Social festivals but this was the first winter Social festival I have been to and it was just as good. I just wish the stables outdoor stage was open, I guess I will have to wait for the summer version for that.

For more information and event info on the summer event, click here.

Do Not Sleep @ Ministry of Sound, London

After returning to London after winter Social, I went over to Ministry of Sound where Do Not Sleep were hosting the event. Even better that my good friend Tommy Vercetti was playing. here he providing the mix in the 103:

Ministry of Sound is always good fun and Do Not Sleep really put on energetic raves. Do Not Sleep are now a global brand so there will always be a Do Not Sleep rave to attend somewhere in the world.

Sat 18th

Scru launch @ Scru:Club, Birmingham


After the recent articles featured in Mixmag about the latest edition to Birmingham’s scene: Scu:Club. I thought I would pay a short visit to the launch event to get an idea of what it was like. I was only there for a short while but it is a fairly small, dark venue with two rooms. It definitely suits the music style it represents with the line ups and there are some serious nights booked up.

VOID 2017 launch @ Monastery, Birmingham


VOID… If you haven’t been yet then you must go. VOID is the rave created by the ravers, hosted in no other place than a derelict monastery in the heart of the rave lands of Digbeth. Installed with the Void sound system that hammers through the walls.

Saturday was the 2017 Launch event for VOID after a very successful year in 2016 for them holding a weekly Ibiza residency at Viva. It was great to see my good friend Matt and have a dance with him too:

VOID is a weekly event on the Birmingham scene, so if you get a chance, head on over and experience the power of that rave.

Do You Soirée 2017 re-launch @ Lab 11, Birmingham


Soirée – a French noun meaning “an evening party or gathering, typically in a private house, for conversation or music.” – As defined on google.

Do you Soirée is also a new edition to the Birmingham scene, starting in 2016 and quickly gain traction. After a short break, the rave is back in full force for 2017. Happy vibes all around and there were props provided by the promoter, including a monkey mask which I got a video dancing in:

Hopefully I’ll be able to make it back to another Do You Soirée rave again soon.

FRI 24th – SUN 26th

Hibernation Festival @ Pas de la Casa, Andorra

On Friday I made the journey over to Toulouse in South France and then got picked up and driven over to the Pyrenees Mountains in Andorra, an independent country between France and Spain where Hibernation festival chose to be the location of their event.


Friday night brought down a snow storm into Saturday and the local authorities forced the mountain stage to be closed due to the weather conditions. Was sad to hear the news on the morning, however the courtyard and main stages were still open, so were able to dance on Saturday!

As you can see in the video, I have an extra layer on my rave suit. That is the newly added snow layer which I purchased especially for Hibernation Festival and looking forward to using it at more cold-temperature raves.

You can watch DanceTrippin.tv’s live video of Andres Campo playing at Hibernation Festival:

After Saturday night’s raving, I got the miracle news come over text on Sunday morning:


And so the mission was on, get to the top of the mountain! The moment we had been waiting for all weekend and the weather was finally on our side.

The Northern Collective started on the decks and I was soon to start dancing with an incredible view all around. It’s moments like these when you know you are loving life.

Sunday afternoon it was time to head back to the airport and get back to the UK, Hibernation Festival has been really inspiring and I love dancing on top of mountains, so I am going to go on a few more mountain dancing adventures.

The official after video is coming soon and will share on my socials once it is ready. I am really looking forward to next year and I highly recommend it. Visit the Hibernation website for more information on their events.


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