Motion, Bristol made a post about me in their news:

You’ve seen him about – if you haven’t noticed him before, you’ll notice him now. ‘Bradley Gunn Raver’, as the Facebook page proclaims him, dedicates every weekend to hitting the clubs and busting a move; all whilst remaining completely sober. The straight-edge shape-cutter dons his uniform black Adidas cycling pants and travels the country – from Birmingham to London to his native Bristol – documenting his journey every step of the way.

Brad’s sobriety comes as a surprise to many, but we can assure you that there’s little more than H2O in those bottles of his. The experience is about so much more than hedonism for the young raver, as he fully embraces dance music’s escapism without the chemical aid. He’s come to represent an innocence that many of us forget, he’s there for the music. Next time you go down to Motion, keep an eye out for the young reveller; he’ll be there from the start.

See the original post here: http://www.bristolinmotion.com/news-bradley-gunn/

I was amazed when I got a link from a friend telling me Motion had written about me. Big up Motion, it’s going to be a great Autumn/Winter of the IN:MOTION raves.


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