It’s that time of year again…

Bradley Gunn Raver Halloween Rave Line Up
Bradley Gunn Raver Halloween Rave Line Up

I have made every effort to find the best raves to attend Halloween, having changed the plan a few times, I have put together the final rave schedule.

On Friday 30th November there is no better way to start the weekend than going to a Secret City rave in Birmingham, but this is not any Secret City rave; It is the Secret City hostage rave. 400 ravers will be blindfolded, kidnapped and taken to a rave in an abandoned derelict slaughter house. This is a true example of how Halloween should be, not dressing up in cat costumes and getting a one night stand… read my article about Secret City raves here for more information.

Saturday 31st I will commute down to London after Secret City for LWE / Adam Beyer presents DRUMCODE all day rave at Tobacco Dock. LWE put on exceptional all day raves at Tobacco Dock and it is my favourite place to rave in the UK. With DRUMCODE taking over the building, it is going to be something out of this world! Check out the after movie from ENTER at Tobacco Dock previously in the year:

GLAS presents VOODOO

Just because it’s Sunday doesn’t mean we have to stop the party! GLAS host an all day rave once a month at Lab 11 in Birmingham. It is the Sunday roast rave for ravers. So I will be making my way back up to Birmingham Sunday morning to get to this.

My Halloween weekend will consist of three train journeys and one bus journey covering an overall distance of 550 miles + the inner city travel (tube, walking, buses etc.). Let’s go raving!

I do have the Monday booked off from work to get some rest. I also have the Wednesday booked off for morning raving in London. So I will most certainly be sleeping all day Monday.

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