Of course I haven’t been to every rave venue in the world, but here are my top 5 favourite rave venues to rave in:

1. Tobacco Dock, London


Tobacco Dock is my all time favourite. With the Great Gallery and the Car Park, nothing beats it in my mind. The first time I stepped into the Car Park on 1st January 2015, I had emotions flying all over the place for the whole time I was in there. I now do my best to get to every rave at Tobacco Dock. Thanks to LWE who run the show.

I would like to announce my raver residency at Tobacco Dock! #TobaccoDockResidentRaver

2. Motion, Bristol


Motion has really been one of the main places that has got me into raving. It was also the first place I ever went to  rave. Just a big warehouse that is beautifully kept minimal. Motion really know how to do it.

3. The Rainbow Venues, Birmingham

The Textile Factory – part of The Rainbow Venues

The Rainbow Venues is number 3 because it is truly an amazing place to rave at. I would say it’s a whole new scene on it’s own, and there’s nothing like the midland ravers!

The Rainbow Venues is a collection of multiple venues that are all spectacular spaces to rave in:

  • Warehouse
  • Blackbox
  • Roof Terrace
  • Garden
  • Courtyard
  • Arena
  • Textile Factory
  • The Street
  • Cellar Door
  • Spotlight

4. Damyns Hall Aerodrome, Upminster


Damyns Hall Aerodrome is an aircraft hanger in an airfield in Upminster. It is not a venue used ever weekend. However WE ARE FSTVL use it for their rave. The use of an aircraft hanger for a rave is one of the best ideas ever, put to perfect use.

5. Coroners Court, Bristol


Coroners Court (part of Lakota) is in the Stokes Croft area of Bristol. In the summer months when the outdoor area is used for daytime raves, it really transforms the feel of the place. It is now an inner-city street rave. One of the best all day raves I have been to here was Who Cares back in September.

The BGR top 5 may change as I continue to explore more raves, but these places are truly amazing.


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