Here are the top 10 tracks that move me. Ones that stand out to me when I rave.

1. Move Your Body – Marshal Jefferson

My absolute favourite track of all time. Whenever this comes on at a rave, I can’t describe the rest… As much as I love the original mix, the Directors Cut Signature Mix moves me to the next level.

2. Music Is The Answer – Danny Tenaglia & Celeda

Only heard this track for the first time just over a month ago but as soon as I heard it I knew it was one of my favourites.

3. Acid House – Cajmere & Wayne Williams

I first heard this at the Secret City HOSTAGE rave in an abandoned Victorian slaughter house. This track really set the vibes of the rave and it was just incredible.

4. Primo – Luigi Madonna

I am a big fan of DRUMCODE and this one really does it for me.

5. Blurred – Pianoman


6. I Believe – Happy Clappers

I stumbled across this track whilst exploring the internet of music, absolutely love it!

7. Nuits Sonores – Floating Points

When it comes in at 3:39, no words, I just enter hyperspace

8. Insomnia – Faithless

Who can’t love this one?

9. Dubmission – Anja Schneider

I can rave but also chill to this. A truly magical track to me.

10. Spoils & Monkey Wrench – Enemies In The Dance

I first heard this way before I was raving, before I had even discovered dance music. One of my friends posted this on Facebook and when I had a listen, it just sounded so good and then I knew I had to go searching for more. So without this track, I may have not been where I am today.


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