It has been 1 year since I made the Bradley Gunn Raver page on Facebook. It has all gone much further than I originally thought and it is crazy to think what has happened in a year.



I had already been raving for sometime and I loved to share my experiences of raving, I wanted a way to do it publicly, on a platform dedicated to sharing my rave experiences, and to promote the idea of sober raving to more people. So a Facebook page was perfect for this.

When I created the page, it was one of those weekday evenings where you have nothing to do apart from think about lots of crazy ideas. I didn’t know whether creating the page was going to have a positive impact and go well, or have a negative impact and have people ‘take the piss’ out of it. It was either going to go one way or the other, but if you don’t take risks you don’t go anywhere. So I went a long with the idea. I then invited all my friends to like the page and I was surprised at how many people were liking it, taking interest and giving positive feedback. It was clear then that it was going to have a positive impact.

What has happened over the last year

Apart from (obviously) raving at events around the country every weekend, here are some things that have happened over the last year:

The Documentary

June 11th 2015, at the Hospitality all day rave at Motion, Bristol. It was about 9pm, I had been raving all day and it was in the last 2 hours of the rave. A person comes up to me and stated that they has seen me raving all day and that they were interested to find out more, we had a conversation for a few minutes. They then told me they were a film director and asked if they could do a documentary about my raving. I loved the idea and so I got involved with it with passion. We spend 6 months meeting up now and then, getting shots at different raves and interviews etc, and here is the finished film: (I hope you like it)

This made things reach new heights for me, with the likes of Richy Ahmed and VICE sharing it:


VICE: We Spoke to the Sober Raver Who Goes For Ten Hours Without a Pint or a Pinger

Radio interviews

I have been involved in a couple of radio interviews including Soultrain Radio and Abbey104:

Banjax presents Bradley Gunn Raver all day rave

September 26th 2015, I was at Tokyo World festival in Bristol, it was around 3pm and I was talking to my very good friends at Banjax (Bristol House and Techno promoter). I had always dreamed about hosting a rave of my own one day, big or small didn’t matter, just the experience of it. Having no experience in event promoting myself I didn’t think it was a good idea to do this alone. Banjax worked their magic in making this happen and made that dream come true. We did an all day rooftop rave at Blue Mountain Club in Bristol on Bank Holiday Sunday 1st May. Here is the after movie for the event:

Dancing at events / promos

I have been booked a few times by promoters to dance at their event, what great fun that is!

Recently I have been working with Eastern Electrics and Ministry of Sound for their promo stunts they have been doing around London (I just had to dance around the streets of London):

Every now and again I get booked to do some stage dancing for a promoter. A few weeks ago I was dancing for Parallel Dimensions at Lakota in Bristol with my dance team Rose and Alisha:


We were stage dancing with the likes of Altern8 and Eddie Richards smashing the decks:



I was also dancing alongside A Guy Called Gerald performing his mix at the Hacienda rave at The Albert Hall in Manchester:

Monday Evening Rave Sessions

Terry Bird playing at the Monday Evening Rave Sessions field rave


Mondays are always seen as dull, boring, depressing or whatever other negative words you can think of. Monday’s don’t have to be like this. I started a live stream on Facebook on my profile called Monday Evening Rave Sessions, I would just put on a few tunes and dance around for an hour and a half. After a few weeks I decided I needed a DJ to do a mix instead of me selecting track after track on YouTube. My good friend Frazer came over with his decks and did a mix, this was great fun. I then moved the live stream onto my Facebook page for everyone to watch and have been having a different DJ come each week and perform a mix. This is who I have had so far:

You can check out Monday Evening Rave Sessions live on my Facebook page every Monday 20:30-22:00. We have a special beach rave on Monday 25th July:


Even a broadband company got involved to provide the internet for the field rave we did:


FXtion Records presents BGR Sessions


FXtion Records is a new record label launching summer 2016. They have teamed up with myself to host a series of events around the UK called FXtion Records presents BGR Sessions. The first event being at Lakota in Bristol on Saturday 9th July 2016.

Media coverage



Motion, Bristol:

File 06-07-2016, 23 04 43.jpeg

The Guardian:


The Irish Sun:


The Future

Who knows what the future holds. I live one day at a time and just love life. I don’t expect too much, but don’t turn down an opportunity. Live the moment! There are a couple of things being planned though that will be announced as time goes on.

I would like to thank all the promoters, the DJs, event staff and ravers for making the rave scene what it is today. Without all of you it wouldn’t be the same. LOVE. LIFE. RAVE. Music is the answer.


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