It was that time of year again… The time of year where the journey from one year to the next has to be made.


Last year I set out on a rave session that consisted of 4 raves, perfectly timed to act as one rave, lasting 38 hours. Since I had already completed the 24 hour rave in Birmingham previously that year, I was determined to go further. Since the New Years Rave Session has to be the best that year.

38 hours was a long time and after 30 hours sleep deprivation really started to kick in. The last rave was more of a mission to stay awake than the actual raving.

I decided that for the 2015/16 New Years Rave Session, I will allocate some rest time to avoid sleep deprivation and fully go for it at every rave.


A lot of time went into planning the 2015/16 BGR New Years Rave Session, I carefully put together a line-up consisting of 5 raves in London and Birmingham.

Rave 1: WE ARE WHSE NYE @ GSS, London


I originally planned to go to the Eastern Electrics NYE rave, unfortunately the promoter had a fall out with the council so they lost the licence for the “secret warehouse location”. Big let down. Luckily, after looking around for a new rave last minute, WE ARE WHSE came to the rescue and let me into their sold-out NYE rave for free.

It had been over a month since I last went to WE ARE WHSE so I was really excited to be raving here again! As soon as the doors opened I was straight in there and raving 100%.

As per usual WE ARE WHSE delivered a top quality rave and it’s just under 5 months until WE ARE FSTVL! I left WE ARE WHSE around 3am so I could get a few hours rest before the main day of the New Years Rave Session: NYD.

Rave 2: Krankbrother NYD [morning] @ Millbank Tower, London

At 7am I made my way over to Westminster for the Krankbrother morning rave at the Millbank Tower.

I seemed to forget it was an after-party and not a proper morning rave like Morning Gloryville so it wasn’t as energetic as I was expecting. But hey I made the most of it while I was there. Although they weren’t selling coffee, only alcohol. Even though there was a coffee machine at the bar… it was the perfect time for a coffee and seemed illogical.

I raved here until around 10am when I was proper warmed for the next rave. It was time to go get a coffee and have some food before Dream Don’t Sleep at Tobacco Dock.

P.S. You haven’t been to a morning rave until you’ve been to Morning Gloryville.

Rave 3: Dream Don’t Sleep NYD [day] @ Tobacco Dock, London


Tobacco Dock is my all time favourite place to rave in and LWE do a top job of delivering the best of raves there. Just being there I get a buzz of energy.

All day I was having the time of my life raving 100%. The only down side was the fact too many people were let in. I personally think the capacity needs to be dropped a few hundred at least, especially for sold-out raves.

Apart from that I loved every minute. I shall be raving at Tobacco Dock NYD 2017! I could only stay until around 7pm where I left to get more food and get a train to Birmingham.

Rave 4: DO NOT SLEEP NYD [night] @ Rainbow Venues, Birmingham


I got to Birmingham around 10pm, however this was 3 hours after the last entry. So it was a bit of a gamble, however the staff were kind enough to let me in.

This was the first time I had been to a DO NOT SLEEP rave and it was going off all night in the Warehouse, Blackbox and on the Terrace. Raving at the Rainbow Venues is another scene all together.

I also earned myself a space at a DO NOT SLEEP rave in Ibiza!


Rave 5: Smile High Club @ Tobacco Dock, London


After 2 hours sleep and a coffee I was back at Tobacco Dock for another day of raving!

The great thing about this rave was the it wasn’t sold out, so there was space to rave all day long! 😀

I must say after raving at Smile High Club, my feet were killing. It was definitely time to get some proper rest after 5 raves.

And that marks the end of the New Years Rave Session! Until next weekend…

The Documentary is nearly here

I have been on the phone to the directors of the documentary about Bradley Gunn Raver today (03/01/16). It will be coming out within 2 weeks ish. It is just being finalised so they can get it to the best quality they can deliver.

While we wait for it to come out, check out the preview:

You can also sign up to get an email when it comes out here:


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