Love Life And Rave – spread the message – think it, breathe it, feel it.

Love Life and Rave is not only meant to be a saying or a motto, It is a way of life, a way for thinking and a way of behaving that can be translated by anyone in their own way. It is important that you don’t just live up to it, you think it, you breathe it, you feel it!

Be part of this group and help spread the message “Love Life And Rave”. In this group, you can share how you are actively spreading the message. There is not a strict format or how you should do that, be creative. You could post a video of yourself saying “Love Life And Rave”, or how you have inspired people around you to Love Life And Rave. All ideas are welcome too, feel free to suggest. All ideas will be taken into consideration and some may get support from the admins to really drive them forward.


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