The weekend has just finished and it’s time to start a new week, you could suggest I am thinking about the upcoming weekend in 5 days time. That is somewhat true, but my head is also thinking 2-3 months ahead.

Apart from raving around on the weekend, I love the admin and logistics side of it. I don’t have management or an agent, I can do it all. Although I do have what I call, an ‘on-demand professional representation’: Terry. Terry steps in if I feel that the business side is getting a bit too much for me to handle. First thing I do is make sure everything is sorted for the week. I check what events I am attending and that all the travel arrangements are all lined up. Most of the time this is simply checking as it is already sorted, however, it is always good to double check.

I then look at what on-going projects I have, some being long-term projects (e.g. Love Life And Rave), and some being a shorter term, for example, a video with Mixmag or liaising with promoters who have contacted about attending events. This usually involves me sending and replying to emails, keeping everyone in check, making sure I and everyone else has all the information we need. Most importantly knowing about any days off I need to take off from work if any go into the week. I try to take off as little time required as possible for each event, the days soon add up if you’re not careful.

I write a review of all the events I have attended in the previous month with an event of the month which is published on Ministry of Sound website. I have an editor Callum who I liaise with to write this. I must be honest here and say that writing is not my best skill, although in my head I can think about how great the events are, I struggle to make what I think interesting and engaging when written down. So I have Callum who once I have written the skeleton of the review, he goes in and expands on everything I have said and makes the whole thing generally more interesting for everyone to read.

I am heavily on social media, outside of the events it is how I communicate to the world. It is always good to be pushing out content throughout the week as well as the weekend. For example, as I am writing this article right now it is 10:30 pm on a Monday night. So every evening I am always thinking about if there is anything I can post. I don’t have a strict strategy or plan, my posts usually just happen as and when the ideas flow, although, the ideas would have to be aligned with the content policies I have in place, and sometimes I would even consult with my best friend and social media expert Zoe. I find that it is important to have a set of content policies and that you stick to them, this helps keep what your posting relevant. I strongly believe in sticking to content policies over income, there might be a company offering £xxxx for you to go on a social media campaign with them to advertise their products, but if the products or the way the posts are required to be distributed don’t match with your content policies, don’t do it. That being said I do keep my main income source separate to the raving and my social media, that way it is much easier for me to do what I want to do and not be under pressure for posting content that is not aligned with how I see it.

When it gets to Thursday, I have my bag packed with all my rave clothing and I go off to the launderette to get them washed ready for the weekend. Yes, you read correctly, that is because I don’t have a washing machine at my house. I leave the rave clothing out to dry so they are ready to go Friday morning.

At the end of the day on Friday I usually see myself heading off to where ever it is I am that weekend, whether it be in the UK or abroad, either way, It’s time to rave!

At each event I attend on the weekend, I try my best to get there as close to the start as possible, this is because I enjoy making the most of the space available to dance in before it gets busy. Of course, with the social media side too, I try and get a video done and out the way as early as possible too, this is so that once it is done I can fully lose myself in the great wonders of the rave. I then spend the rest of the time being me and dancing around… loving life and raving.

Unless there is an event on the Sunday, Sunday is my chill day. I’ve been for my run, now I need to sleep. I can happily stay in bed watching movies and just generally chilling all day, ready to start the week on Monday again.

Love Life And Rave



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