Weekend Review – DRUMCODE and Festival Of The Dead


Friday night, it was time for the one and only DRUMCODE. Finally in my local city of Bristol at Motion. Motion being one of my favourite venues and DRUMCODE being one of my favourite labels, this was sure going to be something big.

From the moment the doors opened the warehouse quickly filled up with DRUMCODE fans travelling far and wide, going in with full force from the start.

We were of course raving 100% to the sounds of Alan Fitzpatrick who was really creating a proper vibe in the warehouse. The energy was flowing:

What a night this was. Can’t wait until next time.

Festival Of The Dead

On Sunday I was back at Motion, for an event called Festival Of The Dead. Having no knowledge of what to expect musically since there was no line up or defined music style specified, it was always going to be a bit risky, but hey, no harm in checking it out.

It turned out to be a winner with a nice groovy beat that I got stuck right into.

I could only stay a few hours due to having work on Monday, but it was great while I was there!


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