Weekend Review: EASTERN ELECTRICS 2016

Eastern Electics 2015 was one of my favourite raves of the year and I was so excited to rave at Eastern Electrics 2016.

Since last year I have been involved in two promo days with EE:

Skream rickshaw rave

Eats Everything bus rave

After months and months of patiently waiting, the rave was finally here. The energy was high from the very start and I was certainly loving life!

Look who we've bumped into

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The Switchyard has to be the stage that excites me the most (ignoring set times) due to the fact of the whole atmosphere it creates and also gives an extra industrial feel to it.


As usual I didn’t spend too much time looking into the set times as I didn’t want my day to become a schedule, but I found I spent most of the day raving at Main stage, Switchyard, and Skreamizm. Also raving in Do Not Sleep and Viva Warriors too.

I met another raver called Jed who was also wearing rave leggings and a utility belt. Jed told me I had inspired him to do the same. Which was amazing to hear and it makes it all the more worth it! I spent a few hours raving with him and had a great time! Big up Jed!

It was also great to have a dance with fellow raver PUFFTHEHOUSEMAN too!

Definetely another successful year at Eastern Electrics and now 1 year to go until the next one. EASTERN ELECTICS 2017 here we come! Oh and 2018/19/20/21/22/23/24……….





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