Weekend Review – The Acid Experiment, Apex, Connected and Hidden

The Acid Experiment


Friday 15th July I was at Lab11 in Birmingham for The Acid Experiment rave. This is one of my favourite raves so I was really excited to be back.

Always have 100% energy at The Acid Experiment

Everything about it is just amazing. You really have to experience it yourself to understand.

Apex Day Rave


Saturday morning I travelled down from Birmingham to Bristol for the next rave: Apex day rave. This was hosted in the Motion Crane Yard. I could only stay for a few hours as I had another rave to be at but it was great fun while I was there!

Connected Inner City Festival


Connected was an event hosted across 4 venues in Bristol: Blue Mountain, Timbuk2, The Doghouse and Projekt (daytime being hosted on the Blue Mountain rooftop).

I got to Connected around 6pm and spent the rest of the evening and night raving around the various venues until the following morning. It was great to catch up with lots of rave friends and it was good fun all night. You should definitely check this out if it happens again!

Hidden Courtyard Rave


After Connected there was no waiting around, I was straight on the coach to Manchester for the next all day rave at Hidden. I have been told by some rave friends that Hidden is a place I needed to check out, so I thought an all day rave was perfect. A small intimate rave, perfect!

When I found the venue I instantly knew it was going to be a great day, industrial vibes, I love it!


Sunday funday! I was Loving life and Hidden is definitely a place you need to go. Definitely coming back here soon, although I had been out since Friday and the tiredness was starting to kick in, this rave definitely kept me going: The venue, the sound, the people combined made a great raving vibe.

Due to train times I could only stay until 7pm, but it was so hard to leave, this rave was just so good!



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