Weekend Review – InDepth, Funkshun, Rainbow Roof Garden Week #3

Friday 24th June 2016, this was actually a last minute plan as I didn’t have anything planned until Saturday, but about 5pm on Friday I notice InDepth were doing an event which was only 10 miles away from my house, so it was a no brainer but to go along. (I didn’t have to sit 2 hours on a train which was a change). Had fun dancing away to some DnB and catching up with some friends too.

On Saturday I made my way upto Birmingham for the Funkshun rave at Lab11 and The Rainbow Venues Roof Terrace Week #3.

From the very start Funkshun was playing the best of old school rave tracks. Really set the vibe of the rave and everyone was loving life. I stayed for about an hour or so when I then went over to the Rainbow Venues for week 3 of their 16 weeks of summer terrace raves.

The sunrise in the morning just added that extra bit of energy to the rave.

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