Weekend Review – Motion day rave, Bristol DnB day rave and Parallel Dimensions 2nd Birthday

Saturday 18th June I was in Bristol for 2 day raves and 1 night rave.

Motion Day Rave

At 2pm I started a Motion for a day rave. It wasn’t clear who the promoter was for this so I just called it Motion Day Rave.

It took a while for the music to warm up but we got there in the end. Had a good few hours of great vibes and dancing around.

Bristol Drum and Bass day rave

Around 5pm I made my way over to Blue Mountain Club where Bristol Drum and Bass were running the show. The raves on this rooftop are always something special and I have a lot of love for them. It was nice to change up the tempo and rave to some Drum and Bass for a few hours too.

This old lady always comes past when we are raving at the all day raves at Blue Mountain and then raves for a few hours. Only this time she said she had been raving all last night so she had to get home and rest. What a hero!

Parallel Dimensions


I had been waiting for this rave for a while! This was a night for the old skool, the one and only Acid House. I had been recruited to be part of a dance team this night.


From the very start the tunes were absolutes pumping! So much energy was flowing it was incredible. Atern-8, Grooverider, Evil Eddie and all the other DJs smashed up the dance floor that created a magical environment of ravers expressing their love for the music.

Myself and one of my dance partners Rose went outside to cool off a little from the heat, but the music quickly turned that around!

What a rave that was! So much energy it was unreal. One to remember!


Tonight (Monday 20th June 2016) we are hosting Monday Evening Rave Sessions in Cheddar, Somerset. Really looking forward to this and broadband provider Global Teleports are providing the stream connection. This is being hosted in a field owned by Petruth Paddocks. Feel free to come and rave with us if you like!

Satellite Broadband Brings Monday Evening Rave to Petruth Paddocks



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